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Restoration Program

Restoration Shop Program

The following program is intended for customers who own restoration shops, hot rod shops and other “jobber” businesses in the automotive parts industry.

Qualification Requirements

Any business is invited to apply for this program assuming they meet the aforementioned description. To qualify a business must supply their website or catalog, email address and any other relevant business information.

Minimum purchase requirement: The restoration shop program requires a first-time minimum purchase of $2,500.00.

Additional purchase requirement: To maintain good standing in the program, we require a minimum purchase of $7,500.00 per calendar year starting the first full year after you join the program. At the end of the year we will review our restoration shop accounts and discontinue the discount for any businesses which do not meet this requirement.

How To Get Started

Once you are ready to apply for the Restoration Shop Program, please give one of our sales staff a call and mention this program to get started. We will ask for your email and additional business information to set up your account.

How To Get Your Discount

Your discount will be supplied in the form of a coupon code with unlimited uses. This coupon code will give you a 7.5% discount on our already low prices of most items in our catalog, excluding some special order items that we are not allowed to discount. This discount even includes our highly popular kit offerings which are usually already offered at a 12-15% discount. The coupon code that you are given can be used either online on our website or when you call in and speak with a salesperson. It will expire on December 31st of every year, and if you meet the requirements outlined above, we will email you with a new code for the following year.

Payment Options

At this time we are not offering Net 30 or any type of credit account, so all payments must be processed via credit card.